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Tasker apk is a Task  Control and Task Automation Application for Android Devices. It’s one of my favorite application for my Android gadget. With tasker, you can actually create actions that will be performed according to a variety of contexts. If the help of Tasker app, you can easily automate few of your tasks. In the start, the app sounds little complicated for the first time user but believe me it’s not. Tasker Apk is the best Automation application in Android Market. So below In this post you will be able to download Tasker Apk for free and you’ll get a detailed guide about Tasker Apk.

Download Tasker Apk

Tasker App is available for free and in paid version both. Although we will provide you the paid version for free here on our website. To download Tasker app you can click on the download button.

Install Tasker Apk

If you’re looking to install tasker apk then you must follow the steps which is given blow very carefully and you’ll be able to install the application.

To install Tasker App, you need root access on your device. And if you don’t know how to root android devices, so just download Kingoroot app and you’ll be able to root your device.

  • First of all, download Tasker App from Playstore.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Grant root access to the tasker application.
  • Open the application and start using it.

How to Use Tasker App

Tasker app is a automation tool for android which helps user’s life little easier. Tasker monitors your phone for contexts and performs tasks based on them. A profile is a combination of a context and a task. Let’s say, you want to make your android device on silent mode at morning 9 AM, you just need to set a task and tasker will turn your  device on silent mode everyday at 9 AM.

Let’s say if  we want to Lower Your Ringtone Volume During Work Hours. So how to do that?Let’s check it out.

Tasker’s time-based functions, which can come in handy for triggering events that coincide with your weekly schedule. For this example, we’ll be lowering the ringtone volume during normal work hours.

To do that, click on + button in the bottom-right corner, select the time you have to leave the selection boxes checked as they are, then set the times in the “From” and “To” fields to depict your normal work hours, and press your device’s back button once.

Now create a new task, then search for the term “Volume” and select the “Ringer Volume” action. From here, use the slider near the top of the screen to set your preferred ringtone volume during work hours, then press your device’s back button twice.

Next, add an exit task to this profile, again, go with “Ringer Volume” for the action. This time, use the slider to set your preferred ringtone volume during non-work hours, then press your device’s back button twice.

You’ll see that it’s done.


Frequently asked Questions for Tasker Apk


Why Android not letting me ninstall Tasker ?

The reason is because tasker app takes admin rights to control the Android system that can be  easil

Android Settings / Location & Security / Device Administration.

Why doesn’t the Kill App action work in Android 2.2 like it used to ?

Google decided that the feature was being abused and causing more problems than it solved so it got quit.


Why isn’t GPS coming on for my profile with Time And GPS Location contexts ?

In order to save power, Tasker only activates context detection as it is needed. Therefore it will not attempt to fix your GPS location unless the Time context is active.
See the Power Usage section of the userguide for more details.

Why can’t I select Tasker for an application context ?

This is considered too dangerous. A mistake could easily result in being unable to enter Tasker and therefore being unable to rectify the mistake.

Why does it take my Wifi Near state so long to exit ?

Wifi Near requires two check periods to pass without seeing the Access Point before the profile exits. This is intended to avoid the context activating and deactivating if the AP is briefly not visible.

Note also that there are different check periods for when the device is on or off, and by default the off-period is much longer than the on-period. See Menu / Preferences / Monitor/ Display On/Off Timings.

Why isn’t Tasker detecting when my Location Context changes ?

Your radius is probably too small.

As an example, if you are not using GPS the accuracy of your fixes is probably around += 2km, so your radius should be also minimally 2km.

If you *are* using GPS, the accuracy may still be only +-400m in built-up areas.

Here’s a good way to create a location context:

  • go to the geographical location you want a context for
  • make a new location context
  • deselect GPS if you don’t want to use it
  • press Grab Fix, and wait till it’s done

This will set your radius appropriate to the accuracy of the location providers at that spot.

If there’s still nothing happening:

  • check GPS is on in Android Settings, if you’re using GPS.
  • check your device has a view of the sky, if you’re using GPS
  • network connectivity is often needed to get GPS started, and always needed for a Net location context.
  • realize that location is only checked every 10 minutes by default when the Display is off (to save power). You can check more often by changing Menu / Prefs / Monitor / Display Off Timings / All Checks


  • try the general ‘nothing happens’ tips
  • look at other possibilities for detecting your location

Why does Tasker mess up the app launching when I have an Application Context for it ?

Some applications are sensitive like this. Probably all you have to do is put as the first action in the Enter task the action Wait and give as a parameter e.g. 300ms. If that doesn’t work keep increasing the value until it does.

That gives the application time to finish initializing before messing around with the screen brightness etc.

Why aren’t my settings restored ?

Some possibilities:

  • if your profile sets setting x to on, then if x is already on when the profile goes active, it will be left at 1 when the profile exits. Test for this by putting an Alert / Notify action in the enter task to see what the original value was.
  • some other apps installed on the system can cause Tasker to be killed and therefore the original settings being forgotten e.g. this has been reported to be a problem with Titanium Backup.
  • similarly, if the system is rebooted suddenly, some devices aren’t fast enough to save all the settings before the system turns off.

Why does my profile not do anything ?

Firstly, if are you using any of these other apps which have been reported as interfering try disabling or temporarily uninstalling them:

  • ‘Task Killers’
  • Quick System Info
  • Autostarts

After that:

  • is the profile enabled ? It should have a green tick next to it.
  • have you clicked the On button in the Profile List screen before leaving Tasker ? It should be showing a green light.
  • is the profile shown as active in the status bar pulldown ? If so, it’s probably your task that’s not working.
  • make sure the Monitor service running in the foreground (see Menu / Prefs / Monitor)
  • how’s your available memory, see Android Settings / Application / Running Services / Available Memory. Are you maybe getting Tasker’s low-memory notifications ?

If your profile is activating but the task doesn’t seem to do anything:

  • perhaps you are running a pirated version of Tasker ?
  • try enabling Menu / Prefs / More / Popup Warning/Errors to see if any errors are occuring (they may not be shown till you go back to the Tasker UI)
  • look in Menu / More / Run Log to see if the task is being carried out.
  • try a simple task like Alert / Vibrate or Alert / Flash
  • perhaps another profile is interfering: do Menu / Data / Backup, then delete all other profiles except the one that’s not working
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